Announcing AirMeasure for iOS 11

Turn your phone into a Tape Measure with the power of Augmented Reality

NEW YORK, NY, September 20, 2017  -- Laan Labs introduces AirMeasure (, a robust Augmented Reality measuring ToolKit for Apple’s new iOS 11. Loaded with features, the app helps users measure anything from small distances to far away points and heights. There are also additional tools that aid users with specialized tasks such as calculating a person’s height, previewing virtual furniture in a room, adding laser levels to a wall or drawing in 3D space. ( )

“We are really excited to finally release this app, as we see huge potential with the recent advances in Augmented Reality and how consumers interact with their surrounding space. We believe measurements will be a big part of that,” says co-developer Will Perkins.

AirMeasure comes with over 10 feature modes with more coming soon. The core tape measure has three different modes specific to what is being measured. Point&Shoot mode for dynamic measurement, Surface Mode for measuring along horizontal planes and AirMode for utilizing the phone more like a traditional tape measure where the ruler is physically moving with the device. Additionally there are modes for only calculating heights of objects, size of a cube, a trajectory path or a person’s height.

Also included is a Virtual Furniture catalogue that will soon have over 4000 unique items, searchable by name and categories and finally a fun paint brush tool for drawing fun doodles in Augmented Reality. In the next couple of weeks the team is adding features for editing Floor Plans, Virtual Paintings that can be placed on a wall and Sport Fields that can be layed out like a baseball diamond or football field.

“A Lot of the credit here goes to the brilliant engineers at Apple. Our app is built on top of the ARKit Framework that was announced at WWDC 2017,” says co-developer Laan, “Apple’s new framework allows us to identify points in space using the iPhone’s sensors and camera input and then measure the distance between those points. We have built a lot of improvements on top of this core tech to improve accuracy and user experience”

Laan Labs combines algorithms from their well developed Computer Vision toolkit with the power of Apple’s ARKit. You may remember the hit app Face Swap Live, which was the #2 selling app of 2016.  That also used Laan Labs’ computer vision expertise, but for a more fun application.

AirMeasure is the only measuring app to date that provides vertical plane detection, so users can easily measure important surfaces such as: walls, doors and windows- in addition to horizontal surfaces, such as: floors & tabletops.  Laan Labs’ patent-pending triangulation via positioning system lets users seamlessly measure distances that are nearby or faraway, without requiring the user to locate a surface or physically touch the phone to an object to measure it.

Now you can leave your tape measure at home. All you need is your iPhone :)




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